I refuse to scream

I listened recently on the news to one of those un-associated research findings that the reporters seize upon. This one suggested that children who were taught to be stoic, such as those in rural or aboriginal environments, are possibly ignored in emergency centres, their pain goes unnoticed. If there are tears and screaming the child gets treatment. It suggested that chronic pain may be caused by stoic reaction which is misinterpreted because conditions go untreated. What does that interpretation say about our society?

Life is hard, the work is hard, and the sweat is authentic. The heavy hoof shod in iron reminds the horse to not put on airs, to not lift a leg to strike, or to prance just for fun. Healing the hoof comes from the iron shoe, healing the soul comes from developing the inner forces, both born from the heat and fire of the forge, the waist high container where the burning takes place. My emotions are not on display, not there for others to feed upon. I refuse to scream in order to get treatment I need from authorities. What does that say about me?


I am interested in improving my drawing skills and have always wanted to be able to do illustrations, but felt like it was beyond my abilities. This course will be a stretch for me.

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2 comments on “I refuse to scream
  1. msmarva says:

    I am fairly stoic when it comes to dealing with physical and emotional pain. What happens with me is that I grin and bear it and feel sad that no one noticed.

    • soulferrier says:

      Yes, why don’t they notice!! Or, why don’t we do the dealing for ourselves and give ourselves a form of self-notice that we find satisfying? Would that feel better than passively waiting?

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